Computing Maker Days
Written by Lesley   
Monday, 28 September 2015 18:22

Our Computing MakerDays are exciting, fast-paced, days full of whole class computer programming, learning how to use Scratch and practical hands-on game making. We use sensor boards to engage pupils to learn about inputs and outputs, while making learning fun by creating unique, interactive topic-focused games.

We had a fun-filled two days a few months ago at Lowton St Catherine's RC Primary School, hosting one such Computing #MakerDay.

The Y5 class had been learning about the Olympics, so we tailored our #MakerDay to support their learning objectives.

Here are some of their completed Olympic games. As you can see, there is a great selection including steady hand games and 'operation' style games.

We thought that the steady hand games would be the favourite, but interestingly it was roughly 50:50!

We can also work with you to create Maker Day projects linked to online safety, like we did at the Barney & Echo Internet Safety Day in Wigan last month. Here is an image showing what is possible, and you can click the link HERE to read more about the day.

Online Safety Computing Maker Games


If your school would be interested in making some games like these and want support in doing so we would be only too willing to help. Our Computing MakerDays are great for WOW Weeks, enrichment days, after-school clubs, after SATs events, even code clubs. We will guide your class of pupils to build their games around any theme from the Ancient Greeks to Zoology! All we need to know is your theme and then we take it from there. We provide all the special equipment, including sensor boards and our secret game ingredients; all you need to provide is children, cereal boxes, laptops or computers with the free software installed.


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