MakerDay Course Summer 2016 - NEW
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 20:59

Think, Make, Code then Take it Away at our Computing MakerDay!

We are so passionate about #computing and keen to share our exciting ideas with schools that we are really pleased to be able to announce our new "Computing MakerDay Course - a fun, practical and hands-on course for KS2 teachers."

MakerDays are our latest exciting way to engage pupils with computing, especially those who prefer to learn kinaesthetically. They are a great way to add on to your computing curriculum and can be used to enhance units of learning in many computing schemes, including the #SwitchedOn Curriculum or our own computing curriculum, which can be found here. Also, because of the direct links to maths and technology, a MakerDay supports these aspects of the curriculum and makes real, distinct connections for pupils.

In line with the guidance from the British Computer Society about the computational thinking processes involved in learning to code, our course incorporates plenty of Tinkering, Creating, Debugging, Persevering and Collaborating.

Further information can be found on our events page here or alternatively, if you would like us to lead a Computing MakerDay in your school, please get in touch!

#SID 2016
Monday, 08 February 2016 17:12

A big thank you to everyone who is playing their part to join in with Safer Internet Day 2016 #SID2016. If we all share the key messages we can make the internet a better place together! For more please visit @UK_SIC Thank you also to the schools we have worked with over these last couple of weeks who have pulled out all the stops to get parents and grandparents in to find out about keeping their children safe. You can find more details here.


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