Digital Communication Award 2015
Written by Lesley   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 19:33


Winner: Dear Diary - Marsh Green

A lovely afternoon was had by all!

Runner-up: Time Travel - Marsh Green

Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Finalist: Radio Jingle - Standish St Wilfrid's

Finalist: Water Water Everywhere - Lowton St Catherine's

Finalist: Twelve Apostles Computing Wizards

Radio Jingle

Water Water Everywhere Twelve Apostles Computing Wizards

Highly Commended: Y5 Class Blog- RL Hughes

Highly Commended: 3 Photos - Standish St Wilfrid's

Highly Commended: The Easter Story - Standish St Wilfrid's

3 Photos The Easter Story

Highly Commended: A Village in Birsal - Westleigh Methodist

Highly Commended: Ancient Rome - Westleigh Methodist

Highly Commended: The Incredible Hawks - Lowton St Catherine's

Highly Commended: Vesuvius - Hindsford CE Primary

We have a wonderful afternoon!

Highly Commended: Y4 Images - Hindsford CE Primary


Y4 Photos


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