The Wigan Barney & Echo Roadshow
Written by Lesley   
Thursday, 03 November 2016 20:46

At the end of October we supported the Barney & Echo Roadshow at the DW Stadium in Wigan.

During the day we showcased two of our online safety products: Computing Maker Days (with an online safety twist) and PRISM: Primary Internet Safety Mentors - our primary school peer mentoring project.

The children attending the day loved our Computing Maker Games, as you can see from these photos. At numerous points during the day we had queues of KS2 pupils wanting to play our Cyberbully Challenge game and the Pokemon Go game.

"I like the Pokemon Go game best because it's more challenging and takes skill," said one pupil, while another preferred Cyberbully Challenge, "because the questions were easier and you got to win sweets!" said another.

Whatever their favourite game, or reasons for liking them, there was no doubt that our games were extremely popular and the children attending the day couldn't believe that they would be able to make them too. But the thing is, you could be making them in your class this term! Our Computing Maker Day project is available right now for your to take advantage of. We can work with your pupils to create games on an internet safety theme or make them to link with any topic you are teaching. Please click here to find out more.

KS2 children queuing up to play The Cyberbully Challenge!

Children trying out the Pokemon Go Game


The Cyberbully Challenge testing even the best at gaming!

Have a wonderful summer
Written by Lesley   
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 14:05

Thank you to all our customers and those of you who have browsed our website this year, for your support, continued business and interest in our work.

Over summer we have lots of plans. We are updating our computing curriculum, planning courses for next term, ensuring our work continues to be cutting edge, and also have lots of new ideas in the pipeline that we will be researching and developing. We will, however, also be taking a couple of weeks off, (click the image to see what we are doing!) so if you email us and don't get a reply please be assured we will respond as soon as we are back from leave.

Have a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to working with you again in the autumn term.



We loved being a judge for #bbc500words
Written by Lesley   
Monday, 18 April 2016 10:49

A big thank you to BBC Radio 2 500Words for our lovely, colourful Judge's certificate!

Good luck to all those who entered. We are keeping our fingers crossed that some of those we judged get into the finals!


Raising the profile of online safety
Written by Lesley   
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 15:25

Whatever you do in a school, online safety will always be an issue because of its very nature - mobile and forever changing.

We believe that one of the best ways to keep the profile of online safety in school a priority is to involve the pupils. They are the ones who are using the technology and seeing the changes. They are the ones who often know more than their teachers, although they don't have the maturity to always make sensible choices. If anyone is going to make a difference to online safety in a school, it's the pupils!

With PRISM pupils receive specialist teaching from a programme leader, and then they lead workshops and learning sessions with their peers across school. It's a simple model, but one we have tried and tested, so we know what works and how best to engage pupils with this.

So, we were so pleased to meet the first group of schools to take part in our #prism project - Primary Internet Safety Mentors.

Each school taking part had selected the course for a specific online safety reason and to meet real development needs. We were really humbled to find out also that two schools had chosen to attend because their pupils / school council had asked to do so! That's real pupil voice, isn't it?

Here are a couple of images from the day, where you can see colleagues working hard, exploring the resources in their PRISM packs. They each received a folder and CD full of activities, presentations and learning materials, some of which they hadn't seen before. So, it was very exciting! We had some fun trying the activities out and of course, the biscuits were yummy too!

You can read initial evaluations below and we will post more details over the coming weeks. If you would like to find out more about PRISM or would like this project in your school or cluster, please get in touch.


Who is using our computing curriculum?
Written by Lesley   
Monday, 08 February 2016 17:46

If you are wondering which schools are using our #computing #curriculum, please read on, where we share a few examples of schools using it and also how some have customised it to suit their needs.

Lowton St Catherine's RC Primary School have a webpage dedicated to computing, with some lovely examples of children's work. They are in the process of adding to it over time, so expect to see more pieces by the end of the year!

Thurnham Glasson Primary School asked us to work with them and develop a bespoke #computing curriculum with them, based on our units of work. They have since incorporated these into their four year rolling programme.

Standish St Wilfrid's Primary Academy use our curriculum and adapted some of the units to suit their topic plans and contexts for learning. They tweet lots of examples of this work @StWilfridsICT so this will give you a really good idea of what is possible.

The Keys Federation of schools have incorporated our plans into their topic based curriculum and examples can be seen on each class page.

Prestolee Primary School has recently begun using our curriculum and has mapped it to topics and linked learning areas.

Castle Hill Primary School teaches a creative curriculum and our plans are firmly embedded into their topics.

Hindley Green Sacred Heart have been using our curriculum for a couple of years now and were one of the first schools to trial it. Find out more here!

Hindley All Saints have mapped our curriculum alongside their topics from nursery to Y6!





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