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Lesley is our Computing Consultant and Managing Director

B.Ed. Hons, NPQH

ICT Mark Assessor

CEOP Ambassador

Associate Expert for The Key

Certified 2Simple and Purple Mash Trainer

CRB Registered - Enhanced

Registered with Data Controller & Public  Liability to £5million

Blippit Education Partner

Lesley has 25 years experience of teaching and delivering ICT and computing support within the public sector. She is a highly experienced primary school teacher, ICT and computing consultant, e-safety adviser and project manager with a strong track record of successfully implementing school improvement programmes in educational settings. Lesley has considerable experience of working with headteachers and senior leaders to produce strategic plans and teaching pupils of all key stages. As well as being very experienced, she holds a number of qualifications including being an ICT Mark Assessor and was awarded NPQH status a few years ago.

Lesley's most recent independent consultancy work has seen her take the lead with computing development and teaching support within Wigan schools and schools in the surrounding areas, utilising and applying her knowledge of what constitutes good and outstanding teaching, learning and leadership in her work. In addition, she leads computing subject leader development and runs a well established and highly regarded collaborative leadership group, which works together on a range of school-based issues.

In schools, Lesley offers support on a wide range of issues, all of have real impact on teaching and learning. A few examples of these are the following, although there are many more!

  • Her e-safety work at St Wilfrid's CE Primary Academy, Standish, where she led a whole school e-safety day event. She also worked in partnership with the school to explore the impact of using Kodu to teach pupils how to create computer games. St Wilfrid's also uses her computing curriculum and examples of pupils' work can be followed on their Twitter page with links to @smithillsict.
  • Lesley's work at RL Hughes Primary School, where she has delivered a number of in-school support programmes, including modelling computing lessons and team teaching, leading e-safety training and a whole school e-safety day for pupils and partnership work as part of the WiSCH Programme.
  • Her work at St George's CE Primary, Bolton, where she taught the whole school how to write computer programs as part of a whole-school drive on the computing curriculum!
  • Work alongside Lowton St Catherine's on implementing the Smithills Computing Curriculum, support with moderation and assessment.

Lesley works independently, having been in business for over four years, each year demonstrating further success and gaining more recognition as a trusted advisor. She supports colleagues with change, implements impact based initiatives and guides schools through the overwhelming changes to the computing curriculum. Recently she undertook an evaluation of progress schools have made based on those that have bought in her support, and it showed a very positive picture, with most of the schools feeling well prepared and competent with computing, many having implemented curricula, an e-safety curriculum, having assessment procedures in place and some even working on moderation.

The use of Lesley's Primary Computing Curriculum and Assessment Tracker has gained momentum and it is now being used in an increasing number of schools across the country, including infant schools, prep schools and large primary schools. This is regularly updated based on teacher feedback and pupil performance, again demonstrating her partnership work with schools.

Over the last four years Lesley has created and devised a number of successful and ongoing support packages for schools, including her very popular parent e-safety workshops, annual e-safety event (3rd year running!), ongoing subject leader support and development, teacher CPD sessions and classroom based teaching projects. To find out more about these please contact Lesley via her contact page.

Lesley also believes very much in giving something back to schools and often gives her own time to free pupil-based projects. E.g. She founded BlogFEST and ran the first Wigan Blogging Festival, where over 300 pupils blogged on writing activities and last year organised a free 'Blog with Santa' event, resulting in giving schools many hours of her own time.

The Wigan Schools' Computing Awards is another example of Lesley giving back to the community. This is now in its second year, aimed at celebrating the work of pupils. In 2014 over 100 pupils and teachers took part in the event, which you can read more about here. This year, 2015 is going to be event better, with fantastic prizes, guests of honour and sponsorship from a well known school-based technical support company. Again, all this is organised freely, to ensure that pupils have a fun afternoon out and enjoy sharing their work with others.

Lesley is a member of Naace and an ICT Mark Assessor, providing advice on the ICT SRF and ICT Mark, undertaking ICT Mark Assessments in schools. 

In addition, Lesley works in partnership with CEOP promoting e-safety as a CEOP Ambassador, which allows her to deliver accredited Thinkuknow E-Safety Training sessions and Internet Safety Assemblies. She is an Associate Expert for The Key and has written articles for a number of magazines and blogs including the Guardian education blog, Teaching Technology, QA Education and Innovate My School.

If you request services from Lesley you won't be disappointed. She takes pride in delivering consistently high quality work, to tight timeframes and budgetary requirements and is highly regarded, both for her professionalism and the quality of her work. Much of Lesley's work comes via word of mouth and recommendation, based on the true value her support brings to schools. However, she doesn't sit on her laurels and is a keen advocate of improvement, therefore all her work is evaluated for impact and results. Lesley books up quickly, however she is available for a wide range of work, including teaching, consultancy, research and writing and producing materials and articles.

Lesley is CRB registered and holds both public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Details can be provided on request.

Follow Lesley on Twitter @smithillsict or visit her Facebook page

In her spare time, Lesley is a keen gardener and photographer and enjoys walking and spending time with her family.


if you would like to find out more about some of Lesley's work including previous for Wigan LA and the Open University, please read on.


Lesley has an in-depth understanding of the current issues facing the educational sector particularly in relation to computing and primary school improvement and has a working knowledge of up to date pedagogical strategies and developments. 

She has a strong creative acumen and is skilled in the development, organisation and implementation of ICT and computing projects, including large scale budget management. Lesley has a lot of experience working with colleagues in order to raise standards. In her previous role with Wigan LA she was the key instigator and leader of many peer to peer support programmes including the ICT Hands on Support and the ICT In-School Support Programmes, where she recruited, trained, directed and quality assured the work of leading ICT colleagues.


Very experienced in the development and delivery of continuing professional development (CPD) Lesley uses both prepared and customised materials in order to meet the needs of clients. She delivers CPD on a 1:1 basis, with small groups or large audiences. Lesley has a keen interest in CPD for support staff and led the Wigan Primary School Teaching Assistant ICT Programme for many years, enabling scores of teaching assistants to access ICT for learning and teaching purposes. Lesley also led on a range of creative events for Wigan schools, including leading the annual Wigan ICT Awards (WICTAs), organising Spring Term video conferencing quizzes and participating in the annual ICT conference. She also was a willing hands-on participant in the Wigan annual Santa Video Conference. Lesley displays a keen desire to promote good practice and took the lead in producing the Wigan VLN Case Study Videos which were included in the Autumn Term Episode of the Naace Connect TV Series. She was also the key leader in developing the use of games based learning technologies in Wigan Primary Schools.

She uses her excellent ICT and computing skills to produce both professional and educational materials, employing the latest innovative ICT tools, to engage audiences and enhance learning. She has an in-depth knowledge of the Kaleidos Learning Platform, various computing products and web 2 technologies and is always keen to bring the latest technology to schools, identifying and putting on workshops around the latest computing programs for schools, wherever possible.

Lesley undertook consultancy work for the Open University and edited and managed the Vital E-Safety Portal, which was highly subscribed and popular. She delivered ICT training for the Salford BSF Programme. She is Associate Expert for ICT for The Key and has written reviews for the Naace Review Club. She was a table host for the SSAT at one of its events in Lancashire. Lesley is available to write articles for magazines and publications, terms provided on request.


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